Political Paintings

Political art has been a part of the social landscape of the world for centuries. Art has always been used as a way to reflect society and shed light on issues of the day. Political art has been around from the beginning of United States history, reflected in such iconic images as the donkey representing the Democratic party. It is in this same vein that I share my political views through these paintings to not only keep the dialogue going but to also force people to think, act, and beat back all the hatred and injustice that is currently on display.

African “inspired” Paintings

African art and culture are one and the same. Culture is the history, practices and beliefs that make up a society. In Africaart was seldom used for decorative purposes, but rather to give life to the values, emotions and daily customs of the various ethnic groups throughout the continent. It is through my paintings that I try to capture my culture and heritage to pay homage to the motherland and the people within.  


Icons of African-American History painted as religious icons.

These paintings are dedicated to Icons of African-American history that push the envelop to start a conversation and to see them in a different light.

Folk Paintings

African-American Folk art encompasses art produced from African culture. In contrast to fine art, African-American folk art is primarily utilitarian and decorative rather than purely aesthetic.

Parody Paintings

My parody paintings are created to mock, comment on, or poke fun at an original work, its subject, author, style, or some other target, by means of humorous, satiric or ironic imitation.